Babylon 5

Season Five - The Wheel of Fire


Episode Highlights

No Compromises

P5 Rating: 7.45

While Babylon 5's new commander, Captain Elizabeth Lochley, settles into her position, Garibaldi finds himself hunting down a terrorist intent on assassinating President Sheridan on the day of his inauguration.

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

P5 Rating: 8.52

Londo suffers a massive heart attack and, while in a comma near death, has a series of dream-state encounters that have a profound effect on him; meanwhile, Lennier decides to go into training to become a Ranger.

The Paragon of Animals

P5 Rating: 8.16

As Sheridan uncovers and deals with the treachery of the Drazi, Garibaldi tries to enlist the aid of telepaths for covert intelligence purposes.

A View from the Gallery

P5 Rating: 7.87

Two maintenance workers on Babylon 5 get a first-hand view of the inner workings of the station during a devastating alien attack.

Learning Curve

P5 Rating: 7.65

Two Minbari Rangers in training learn an important lesson when they run into a gang of thugs intent on taking over control of the underworld in Babylon 5's Downbelow.

Strange Relations

P5 Rating: 7.84

PsiCop Bester brings his "bloodhound" squad to Babylon 5 to roundup the rogue telepaths who have set up a colony on the station, putting Captain Lochley in a tough position concerning her loyalties.

Secrets of the Soul

P5 Rating: 7.62

Dr. Franklin discovers a terrible secret about a race called the Hiyak, and Byron learns the truth about the Vorlons' role in the existence of telepaths.

Day of the Dead

P5 Rating: 8.41

Rebo and Zooty visit Babylon 5 on the Brakiri "Day of the Dead," during which some of the station's residents receive visits from people who had previously died.

In the Kingdom of the Blind

P5 Rating: 8.54

While Byron and the telepaths make their demand for a homeworld to Sheridan, Londo and G'Kar return to Centauri Prime, where they find hints of a lurking danger.

A Tragedy of Telepaths

P5 Rating: 8.18

Captain Lochley calls in Bester to deal with the telepath situation, while Londo and G'Kar take action to free Na'toth from a forgotten Centauri dungeon.

Phoenix Rising

P5 Rating: 8.25

When Bester's PsiCops try to flush out the renegade telepaths, the telepaths take Garibaldi, Dr. Franklin, and the medical staff hostage, which results in a final tragic confrontation.

The Ragged Edge

P5 Rating: 8.57

Garibaldi falls into bad habits and messes up an important rescue mission; meanwhile, G'Kar is surprised to find himself the object of religious worship among the Narn and Dr. Franklin reaches an important decision.

The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

P5 Rating: 8.42

PsiCop Bester takes two young recruits with him to Babylon 5 to track down another PsiCop trainee, who has become an unstable killer.

Meditations on the Abyss

P5 Rating: 8.21

While Sheridan tries to appease the Drazis' insistence that he get to the bottom of the raids on commercial transports, Delenn sends Lennier on a secret mission to find evidence of Centauri involvement in the raids.

Darkness Ascending

P5 Rating: 8.74

While Lise tries to cope with Garibaldi's alcoholism and Lyta strikes a deal with G'Kar, Lennier takes matters into his own hand and uncovers clear evidence of Centauri involvement in the attacks on on civilian shipments.

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

P5 Rating: 9.21

After Sheridan presents the evidence of the Centauri attacks on civilian transports, the Alliance finds itself on the brink of war with the Centauri Republic and Londo and G'Kar find themselves in an unexpected predicament on Centauri Prime.

Movements of Fire and Shadow

P5 Rating: 9.43

Dr. Franklin and Lyta make a terrible discovery about the Centauri warships that had been attacking civilian transports; while Sheridan tries to keep the conflict from escalating into all out war.

The Fall of Centauri Prime

P5 Rating: 9.22

While Sheridan intervenes to get the Drazi and Narn to stop bombarding Centauri Prime, Londo sacrifices himself to the evil Drakh in order to save his people.

The Wheel of Fire

P5 Rating: 8.58

Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his drinking problem, G'Kar deals with his status as a personality icon among his people, and Lyta faces charges for helping terrorists back on Earth.

Objects in Motion

P5 Rating: 8.62

The Babylon 5 regulars, including G'Kar, Lyta, Garibaldi, and Dr. Franklin, prepare to leave the station for the last time, but not before an assassination attempt almost turns tragic.

Objects at Rest

P5 Rating: 8.91

As Sheridan and Delenn depart for Minbar they are surprised by Lennier's actions and by a visit from Londo bearing gifts.

Sleeping in Light

P5 Rating: 9.34

20 years in the future, Sheridan summons his closest friends to join him in a final celebration of life and everything they had accomplished on Babylon 5.

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