Babylon 5

Season Four - No Surrender, No Retreat


Episode Highlights

The Hour of the Wolf

P5 Rating: 8.89

Londo goes to Centauri Prime to find that the Emperor has made a bargain with the Shadows, and Lyta Alexander helps Ivanova and Delenn search for the missing Sheridan.

Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi

P5 Rating: 8.98

While Sheridan comes to terms with his existence in a limbo between life and death, Delenn gathers the Rangers for another attack against the Shadows, and G'Kar risks his life to try find and rescue Garibaldi.

The Summoning

P5 Rating: 8.66

While searching for the First Ones, Ivanova and Marcus discover that the Vorlons are massing a huge fleet; meanwhile, G'Kar undergoes brutal torture at the hands of the Centauri, and Sheridan and Garibaldi return to Babylon 5.

Falling Toward Apothesis

P5 Rating: 8.78

As the threat posed by the Vorlons moves closer to Babylon 5, Captain Sheridan enlists Lyta Alexander's help to get the new Kosh off the station; meanwhile, Londo uses G'Kar to set a trap for the Centauri Emperor.

The Long Night

P5 Rating: 8.82

While Ivanova and Lorien search for more First Ones, Sheridan prepares his fleet for the final battle; meanwhile, Londo's plans for Emperor Carthagia come to fruition.

Into the Fire

P5 Rating: 9.30

Captain Sheridan and the White Star fleet leads the Shadows and Vorlons into a direct confrontation; meanwhile, Londo takes action to rid Centauri Prime of the Shadows.


P5 Rating: 8.43

PsiCop Bester comes to Babylon 5 to trade information about Earth President Clark's plans to shut down the station for Sheridan's help on a personal matter.

The Illusion of Truth

P5 Rating: 7.56

An ISN reporter comes to Babylon 5 to interview the top officers for a special report on the station.


P5 Rating: 8.55

When Delenn is summoned to the Minbari homeworld to justify her reasons for wanting to take a human as a mate, a dark secret about her past and the truth about her identity are revealed.

Racing Mars

P5 Rating: 7.73

While Dr. Franklin and Marcus try to make contact with the Mars resistance leaders, they discover that the Shadows' "keepers" have also arrives; meanwhile on Babylon 5, Captain Sheridan and Garibaldi have a face to face confrontation.

Lines of Communication

P5 Rating: 8.30

Dr. Franklin and Marcus gain the support of the leaders of the Mars resistance movement; but Delenn discovers that an alien race chased from Z'ha'dum when it was destroyed by Sheridan are out for revenge and that a civil war is brewing on the Minbari homeworld.

Conflicts of Interest

P5 Rating: 8.04

While Ivanova goes down to Epsilon 3 to get help in setting up a system to broadcast the truth about the anti-Clarke movement to Earth and its colonies, Garibaldi faces off against his former security force to help an important visitor travel via Babylon 5 to Mars without going through normal channels.

Rumors, Bargains and Lies

P5 Rating: 8.33

While Delenn tries to work out a compromise with Warrior Caste leader Neroon to end the Minbari civil war, Sheridan tricks the non-aligned worlds to allow him to use squadrons of White Star to patrol their space to ward of commerce raiders.

Moments of Transition

P5 Rating: 8.75

PsiCop Bester comes to Babylon 5 to make an intriguing offer to Lyta Alexander. Meanwhile, Delenn sacrifices herself to end the Minbari civil war, and Garibaldi finds himself becoming even more alienated from fir former friends on Babylon 5.

No Surrender, No Retreat

P5 Rating: 9.16

In the first phase of his plan to depose President Clark from power, Sheridan mounts a major attack against Earthforce ships blockading the Earth colony on Proxima 3.

Exercise of Vital Powers

P5 Rating: 8.62

On Mars, Garibaldi finds himself being drawn into a plan to capture Sheridan and turn him over to President Clark; while on Babylon 5, Lyta and Dr. Franklin try to reach the minds of the telepaths who had been rescued many months earlier from a Shadow transport ship.

The Face of the Enemy

P5 Rating: 9.26

Garibaldi delivers Sheridan to President Clark's forces and later finds that a certain PsiCop has been pulling his strings all along.

Intersections in Real Time

P5 Rating: 8.08

Sheridan, in the custody of President Clark's people, is subjected to a mentally brutal interogation that has as its goal gaining Sheridan's confession of conspiring with aliens to overthrow Earth's government.

Between the Darkness and the Light

P5 Rating: 8.84

While Garibaldi plays a big role in freeing Sheridan from President Clark's people, Ivanova leads the White Star fleet into a decisive battle against EarthForce ships loyal to Clark.


P5 Rating: 9.27

Sheridan leads the combined White Star, renegade Earthforce, and allied alien forces into the final battle to free Mars and Earth; meanwhile, Marcus makes a life and death decision based on his love for Ivanova.

Rising Star

P5 Rating: 8.90

While Sheridan faces charges before a tribunal on Earth, Delenn forges an unlikely alliance that will signal the beginning of a new age of man and a bright future for Babylon 5.

The Deconstructionn of Falling Stars

P5 Rating: 8.50

Visions from the future show what is to come for Sheridan, Delenn, Babylon 5, and Earth at time periods 100, 500, 1,000, and 1 million years in the future.

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