Babylon 5

Season Three - Point of No Return


Episode Highlights

Matters of Honor

P5 Rating: 8.60

The Centauri conquest of the Narn now complete, Londo requests that Morden tell his "associates" that Londo no longer needs their services. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn are led by a Ranger named Marcus to a planet where a Ranger training base is about to come under attack, leading to the first direct confrontation between the forces of light and dark.


P5 Rating: 7.75

The Babylon 5 officers try to hunt down a bomber who is loose aboard that station and causing general panic by exploding bombs near to key members of the station staff, including the alien ambassadors. In one attack, G'Kar and Londo find themselves trapped in a tranport tube.

A Day in the Strife

P5 Rating: 7.85

On a "typical day" aboard Babylon 5, Captain Sheridan deals with representatives of shipping companies, who are unhappy with strict clearance policies he has imposed on freighter traffic; a Narn who is collaborating with the Centauri invaders comes to replace G'Kar as the Narn representative; Londo asks Delenn to help him get his assistant Vir assigned to a safe position on the Minbari homeworld; and Dr. Franklin begins to lose a battle against "stims," which he is taking to cope with the mounting stresses in MedLab.

Passing Through Gethsemane

P5 Rating: 8.38

While telepath Lyta Alexander returns to Babylon 5 under mysterious circumstances to perform an errand for Vorlon Ambassador Kosh, a monk who had been a serial killer before his mind was wiped, is stalked by a psychopath seeking revenge for one of the monk's past murders.

Voices of Authority

P5 Rating: 8.20

While on Epsilon 3 to help Draal search for the ancient races that once defeated the Shadows, in her mind Ivannova comes face to face with the enemy and also learns that Morden was involved in the assassination of President Santiago; meanwhile on Babylon 5, an Earth Alliance representative is assigned to keep an eye on Captain Sheridan.

Dust to Dust

P5 Rating: 8.62

While PsiCop Bester comes to Babylon 5 to track down a dealer in "Dust," an illegal drug that allows the user to scan the minds of others, G'Kar takes a dose of the substance and forces himself into Londo Mollari's mind and later has an unexpected encounter with an ancient Narn prophet.


P5 Rating: 7.34

Dr. Franklin and Marcus go to Downbelow to investigate the presence of a small, unknown, alien parasite that lodges itself to its victim's spinal cord; meanwhile, the Rangers go on heightened alert because of a buildup of Shadow vessels on the edge of Centauri space.

Messages from Earth

P5 Rating: 9.06

While the Nightwatch begin to exert pressure to take over control of Babylon 5, an archeologist comes aboard with information that Shadow ships had crashed many years earlier on Mars and Jupiter's moon Ganymede. This news sets Sheridan on a course of action directly in opposition to the Earth government.

Point of No Return

P5 Rating: 9.31

President Clarke declares martial law on Earth and orders the Nightwatch to take over control of Babylon 5; but Sheridan, with the unexpected help of G'Kar, prepares to defend the station from the Nightwatch. Meanwhile, the Centauri Emperor's widow is summoned to the station by Ambassador Mollari, who wants her to give him a prophesy of his future.

Severed Dreams

P5 Rating: 9.81

When Earth forces bomb civilians on Mars and open rebellion erupts among the Earthforce elements, Sheridan cuts Babylon 5's ties with Earth and, with Delenn's help, enlists the reluctant aid of the Minbari to defend the station and prepare for the battles ahead.

Ceremonies of Light and Dark

P5 Rating: 8.30

As Delenn begins planning for a Minbari ceremony of rebirth, which she hopes will help Babylon 5's inhabitants come to terms with recent events, a small group of remaining Nightwatch members plot her kidnapping as a means of forcing the Minbari ships defending the station to leave.

Sic Transit Vir

P5 Rating: 7.53

Vir returns to Babylon 5 after having been demoted by the Centauri government for running an "underground railroad" for Narn refugees from his post on the Minbari homeworld; but once back on the station, he becomes the target of outraged Narn who believe that he was sending the Narn refugees to their extermination, not to their freedom.

A Late Return from Avalon

P5 Rating: 7.79

A mysterious many arrives on Babylon 5, claiming to be King Arthur; but eventually it is revealed that he was the gunnery officer aboard the Prometheus, the Earthforce ship that erroneously opened fire on the Minbari ships that made first contact with humans, thus starting the Earth-Minbari War.

Ship of Tears

P5 Rating: 8.70

When Sheridan answers a distress call, he finds PsiCop Bester, who gives him a lead to a Shadow transport carrying secret weapons components; but all are astonished to find that those components are telepaths stolen from Earth. When one of the unfortunate telepaths turns out to be Bester's lover, he vows to make Babylon 5's war agains the Shadows his war also.

Interludes and Examinations

P5 Rating: 9.31

Three persons on the station suffer the consequences of their actions: Dr. Franklin for his use of stims to main a rigorous schedule in MedLab, Londo for turning his back on his agreement with the Shadows, and Kosh for calling his people to openly attack the Shadows.

War Without End (Part 1)

P5 Rating: 9.28

With the aid of Sheridan and Delenn in the White Star and Draal from deep inside Epsilon 3, Ambassador Sinclair goes on a mission into the past to move space station Babylon 4 in time to help the Minbari in their seemingly hopeless war against the Shadows.

War Without End (Part 2)

P5 Rating: 9.40

As preparations are made to send Babylon 4 1,000 years into the past, Sheridan and Delenn experience flash-forwards to a future that may await them in 17 years, and Sinclair prepares to face his own destiny among the Minbari.


P5 Rating: 8.14

While Dr. Franklin tries to lose himself in Downbelow to work through his personal problems, including his addiction to stims, Lyta Alexander helps Captain Sheridan test the theory of using telepaths to fight the Shadows.

Grey 17 Is Missing

P5 Rating: 6.86

While Garibaldi makes an unexpected discovery in the uninhabted Grey Sector of the Babylon 5 station, Delenn's life is threatened by a member of the Minbari warrior caste who will use any means necessary to stop her from becoming leader of the Rangers.

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

P5 Rating: 8.90

Londo sets a plan in motion to use Vir as a pawn in ridding himself of a hated opponent and, meanwhile, Delenn drags Sheridan away from the War Room to reveal a secret weapon in the coming war against the Shadows.

Shadow Dancing

P5 Rating: 9.53

While Dr. Franklin comes to terms with himself, Captain Sheridan gathers the forces of light to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Shadows.


P5 Rating: 9.84

Sheridan's wife, Anna, comes to Babylon 5 to take him to Z'ha'dum, where he learns the truth about what the Shadows are up to and faces his destiny; meanwhile, the Shadows prepare to attack the station.

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