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Series Premise

In the year 2257, the Earth Alliance is preparing to place its Babylon 5 station into operation. It is the fifth Babylon station -- the first three were sabotaged and destroyed before they were completed, and Babylon 4 mysteriously disappeared within hours after having gone into service. The purpose of the Babylon Project is to serve as a kind of interplanetary "United Nations," a place where representatives of the major races of the Galaxy can meet to resolve conflicts and work for their worlds' mutual benefit. Besides the Earth Alliance, which is represented by station commander Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (later replaced by Captain John Sheridan), the other major powers are the Minbari, represented by Ambassador Delenn; the Centauri, represented by Ambassador Londo Mollari; the Narn, represented by Ambassador G'Kar; and the Vorlons, represented by Ambassador Kosh Naranek. Other key station personnel include second-in-command Commander Susan Ivanova, Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, Chief Medical Officer Stephen Franklin, and Ranger Marcus Cole. As time progresses, the peaceful purpose for the existence of Babylon 5 is compromised by the continuation of old conflicts between the Narn and Centauri races, revolt and upheaval within the Earth government, and the emerging threat from a powerful and mysterious race that has been dormant for over 1,000 years on the far edges of the Galaxy.

Babylon 5 Cast
Babylon 5's season 3 cast

Babylon 5 Station
The Babylon 5 space station

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The Main Cast

  • Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (Season 1) -- Michael O'Hare
  • Captain (later-President) John Sheridan -- Bruce Boxleitner
  • Captain Elizabeth Lochley (Season 5) -- Tracy Scoggins
  • Commander Susan Ivanova -- Claudia Christian
  • Security Chief Michael Garibaldi -- Jerry Doyle
  • Dr. Stephen Franklin -- Richard Biggs
  • Minbari Ambassador Delenn -- Mira Furlan
  • Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari -- Peter Jurasik
  • Narn Ambassador G'Kar -- Andreas Katsulas
  • Vorlon Ambassador Kosh (Voice) -- Ardwight Chamberlain
  • Telepath Talia Winters -- Andrea Thompson
  • Telepath Lyta Alexander -- Patricia Tallman
  • Minbari Aide Lennier -- Bill Mumy
  • Centauri Aide Vir Cotto -- Stephen Furst
  • Narn Aide Na'Toth -- Caitlin Brown
  • Ranger Marcus Cole -- Jason Carter
  • Security Officer Zack Allen -- Jeff Conway
  • Starfury Pilot Lt. Warren Keefer -- Robert Rusler

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The Episodes

TV Movies
In the Beginning (2-Hr. Special) 01/04/98
The Gathering (2-Hr. Pilot) 02/22/93
Thirdspace (2-Hr. Special) 07/19/98
The River of Souls (2-Hr. Special) 11/08/98
A Call to Arms (2-Hr. Special) 01/03/99
Season One -- Signs and Portents
Midnight on the Firing Line 01/24/94
Soul Hunter 01/31/94
Born to the Purple 02/07/94
Infection 02/14/94
The Parliament of Dreams 02/21/94
Mind War 02/28/94
The War Prayer 03/07/94
And the Sky Full of Stars 03/14/94
Deathwalker 04/18/94
Believers 04/25/94
Survivors 05/02/94
By Any Means Necessary 05/09/94
Signs and Portents 05/16/94
TKO 05/23/94
Grail 07/04/94
Eyes 07/11/94
Legacies 07/18/94
A Voice in the Wilderness (Part 1) 07/25/94
A Voice in the Wilderness (Part 2) 08/01/94
Babylon Squared 08/08/94
The Quality of Mercy 08/15/94
Chrysalis 10/24/94
Season Two -- The Coming of Shadows
Points of Departure 10/31/94
Revelations 11/07/94
The Geometry of Shadows 11/14/94
A Distant Star 11/21/94
The Long Dark 11/28/94
A Spider in the Web 12/05/94
Soul Mates 12/12/94
A Race Through Dark Places 01/23/95
The Coming of Shadows 01/30/95
Gropos 02/06/95
All Alone in the Night 02/13/95
Acts of Sacrifice 02/20/95
Hunter, Prey 02/27/95
There All the Honor Lies 04/24/95
And Now a Word 05/01/95
The Shadow of Z'ha'dum 05/08/95
Knives 05/15/95
Confessions and Lamentations 05/22/95
Divided Loyalties 10/11/95
The Long, Twilight Struggle 10/18/95
Comes the Inquisitor 10/25/95
The Fall of Night 11/01/95
Season Three -- Point of No Return
Matters of Honor 11/06/95
Convictions 11/13/95
A Day in the Strife 11/20/95
Passing Through Gethsemane 11/27/95
Voices of Authority 01/29/96
Dust to Dust 02/05/96
Exogenesis 02/12/96
Messages from Earth 02/19/96
Point of No Return 02/26/96
Severed Dreams 04/01/96
Ceremonies of Light and Dark 04/08/96
Sic Transit Vir 04/15/96
A Late Return from Avalon 04/22/96
Ship of Tears 04/29/96
Interludes and Examinations 05/06/96
War Without End (Part 1) 05/13/96
War Without End (Part 2) 05/20/96
Walkabout 09/30/96
Grey 17 Is Missing 10/07/96
And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place 10/14/96
Shadow Dancing 10/21/96
Z'ha'dum 10/28/96
Season Four -- No Surrender, No Retreat
The Hour of the Wolf 11/04/96
Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi 11/11/96
The Summoning 11/18/96
Falling Toward Apotheosis 11/25/96
The Long Night 01/27/97
Into the Fire 02/03/97
Epiphanies 02/10/97
The Illusion of Truth 02/17/97
Atonement 02/24/97
Racing Mars 04/21/97
Lines of Communications 04/28/97
Conflicts of Interest 05/05/97
Rumors, Bargains, and Lies 05/12/97
Moments of Transition 05/19/97
No Surrender, No Retreat 05/26/97
The Exercise of Vital Powers 06/02/97
The Face of the Enemy 06/09/97
Intersection in Real Time 06/16/97
Between the Darkness and the Light 10/06/97
Endgame 10/13/97
Rising Star 10/20/97
The Deconstruction of Falling Stars 10/27/97
Season Five -- The Wheel of Fire
No Compromise 01/21/98
The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari 01/28/98
The Paragon of Animals 02/04/98
A Views from the Gallery 02/11/98
Learning Curve 02/18/98
Strange Relations 02/25/98
Secrets of the Soul 03/04/98
Day of the Dead 03/11/98
In the Kingdom of the Blind 03/18/98
A Tragedy of Telepaths 03/25/98
Phoenix Rising 04/01/98
The Ragged Edge 04/08/98
The Corps Is Mother, The Corp Is Father 04/15/98
Meditations on the Abyss 05/27/98
Darkness Ascending 06/03/98
And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder 06/10/98
Movements of Fire and Shadow 06/17/98
The Fall of Centauri Prime 10/28/98
The Wheel of Fire 11/04/98
Objects in Motion 11/11/98
Objects at Rest 11/18/98
Sleeping in Light 11/25/98
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